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Autonomous Off-the-grid 3D-printed Smart House

Your next element of freedom!

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Key features:


Absolutely off-the-grid

House can be heated and cooled itself
No electricity or gas needed


Solar energy only

You can live anywhere in any climate
Energy storage will power all systems


No foundation needed

House can be placed on any surface
Can be easly moved or relocated.

How can I use it?


Backyard house

Use your backyard free space to your guests.
Fast and Easy. One day delivery.


Vacation home

Seaside, ocean view, forest cabin, mountains!
your inexpensive second home anywhere.


Unit for rent

Any land spot could be used for getting revenue.
Mobile house? No. Mobile hotel.

Technical specifications:



Living room studio, kitchen, one bathroom

2 people accommodation
equipped with 4-star hotel standard


H x W x L: 12.5 ft x 13.08 ft x 31.6 ft
3.81m x 3.98 m x 9.63 m

weight up to 19,800 lbs / 9,000 kg

Usable Capacity

Output capacity of 3.3kW and a storage capacity of 22kWh

freshwater tanks up to 296gal / 1120L
greywater tank 119gal / 450L



Living room, one bedroom, kitchen, one bathroom

single family house
equipped with 4-star hotel standard

H x W x L: 12.5 ft x 26.16 ft x 31.6 ft
3.81m x 7.96 m x 9.63 m

weight up to 35,270 lbs / 16,000 kg

Output capacity of 5.0kW and a storage capacity of 33kWh

freshwater tanks up to 296gal / 1120L
greywater tank 119gal / 450L


kitchen: microwave oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, coffee machine

bathroom: toilet, shower, combo washer/dryer, sink.

room: sofa-bed, table, chairs, kitchen cabinet, storage, closet

Engineering systems

Climate control: heat pump, floor heating, air conditioner, IR-absorbing low-emission windows (patent pending)

Air quality system: HEPA filtration, antibacterial system, CO2 & humidity sensors and control, recuperation.

Energy: off-the-grid hybrid solar system with battery storage. optional can be connected to regular electric grids.

Water: optional can be equipped with off-the-grid air-to-water system ( water condensation from air humidity).

Sewage: optional can be equipped with greywater filter and autonomous septic systems.

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Value of energy efficiency

PassivDom – это энергоэффективные дом. В холодную погоду для его обогрева и для охлаждения в жарком климате требуется в 10-20  раз  меньше энергии, чем для домов, построенных по классической технологии. Стены, крыша и фундамент modulOne – такие же теплые, как кирпичная стена толщиной 7,3 метра! Exterior wall U-value = 0.089 W/(m.K) (обычная стена – 0,6W/(m.K) )  В нашем доме мы применяем окна с 4 или 6 стеклами Glazing Ug-value = 0.23 W/(m.K) (обычные окна с 3мя стеклами – 1,1 W/(m.K))

PassivDom – настолько энергоэффективен, что для его отопления или охлаждения достаточно только энергии солнечных панелей, расположенныъ на его небольшой крыше.

Value of consumption savings

Портебление электрической и тепловой энергии- это самая важная часть энергоэффективности в доме. В домах PassivDom мы подбираем не стандартное борудование и инженерные системы, а только самые энергосберегающие их разновидности. Мы используем бытовую технику скласса А++   ивыше. Мы используем наиболее эффективные тепловые насосы и систему рекуператорной вентиляции наименьшей возможной мощности. Благодаря использованию grey water filter PassivDom экономно расходует воду и канализационные стоки. Все эти меры суммарно приводят к тому, что дом PassivDom потребляет в десятки раз меньше энергии и в несколько раз меньше воды, чем обычные дома. Это позволяет в некоторых случаях полностью отказаться от внешних подключений к электрическим сетям, и газу для отопления.

Zero Carbon  Emissions Housing.

PassivDom – первый prefabricated house, который не сжигает никакого топлива для обогрева даже в очень холодном климате. Дом потребляет для всех нужд – только электричество, полученное солнечными панелями на его крыше. PassivDom – 100% Zero Carbon Emissions Product. 

BPA free. ECO – friendly.

Мы производим PassivDom – только из безопасных материалов. Все компоненты – сертифицированы для применения в residential housing. В отделке дома применяются ECO-Friendly материалы: натуральные ткани, натуральное дерево, камень, кожа.  Применяемые нами синтетические материалы такие как карбоновое волокно, стекловолокно, полиуретаны и rezins – BPA free. Our polyurethane technologies are formaldehyde-free formulas that emit no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and use ZONE3® zero ozone depleting blowing agent technology.

Cost of Unit

The estimated cost of your unit includes factory construction of the unit (with materials, fixtures and finishes), onsite unit finish work by our crew. Local taxes, permitting, site excavation, foundation construction, utility hook-ups, final painting and the incorporation of other site improvements, such as decks, landscaping and driveways are not included. Please note a delivery cost doesn’t included in the base price of any unit. Additional charges may apply based upon geographic location, site-specific conditions and applicable state and local sales tax.

Monthly loan

Customers can choose to finance their unit through a loan. The monthly loan payment is amortized over the selected loan term at the selected interest rate. PassivDom is not a mortgage or loan  lender. Values depicted above are for illustrative purposes only.

Tax credit

To encourage Americans to use solar power, clean energy and reduce pollution, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy each year run different programs which offers tax credits or tax deductions. As an example till 2021 the “Federal Tax Credit for Solar Energy” program offers up to 30% of total cost of installing alternative energy equipment in your home.

Traditional construction

Depending on square footage, weather conditions, the availability of workers and supplies, and more, construction of a new traditional home can take anywhere from three months to over a year. You’ll need to be prepared to make important decisions along the way and to experience setbacks. The truth is, whether you’re building a simple starter home or the ultimate abode, most homeowners find the home construction process a bit overwhelming.

PassivDom allows to avoid all the mess. Our “what you see is what you get” conception is the best option to receive new home as easy and fast  as to buy new furniture.


We provide regular warranty and after-warranty service for all items and systems in the house. Terms and ratings will be developed for different climate conditions and could be changed.

Zombie -Proof Habitat.

Due to autonomy option you can relocate your house to the location where no zombie can find you. If still some find the way to your house, due to house frame is six times stronger than the steel one you can watch it from inside until it dies from starving. Windows can resist to scraping on the window approx. 6 zombies simultaneously.