About company PassivDom

PassivDom is an Ukrainian technological startup “Passive House Ukraine”. We produce autonomous self-learning module houses made using 3D-Printing.

PassivDom is the first totally autonomous house in the world that doesn’t need any fuel combustion even in Arctic climate conditions.

The module uses only ecologically clean solar energy for all inhabitants’ needs: climate control (heating and cooling), water generation, air quality and oxygen control. The house itself produces electricity for all household appliances.


Our team

We are the team of professionals who are fond of what they are doing: physics, architecture, construction, design.

Максим Гербут

Max Gerbut

CEO and creator.
Ph.D. of Engineering Sciences of physics of the solid state. He is working on a dissertation on international economy.

“Even Elon Musk will agree to live in our PassivDom. Though I’m not sure that it will be on Mars”

Александр Кириллов

Aleksandr Kirillov

Design department. Prefabricated constructions and spatial models specialist.

“Every day of working on a PassivDom project brings more discoveries for me than years of painstaking work before that”

Сергей Трофимов

Sergey Trofimov

Product manager. In the past he was a carpenter of the highest category, specialist in complex spatial constructions.

“At any moment I’m ready for our constructors set a target to launch PassivDom into space. And it won’t be the most difficult thing from those we’ve already done”

Сорокина Мария

Maria Sorokina

Marketer, PR-manager.

“Before my work in the company PassivDom a word “passive” meant nothing to me. But now philosophically I call a passive way of life energy-efficient”

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