PassivDom for business

Variants of using autonomous module houses:

  • Country hotel
  • Renting of guest houses or leasing
  • Places for resting and living on coasts of water bodies
  • Seasonal houses for ski resorts
  • Autonomous offices without stable electricity network

Country hotel

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Places for resting on coasts

Seasonal houses for ski resorts


Autonomous offices


Advantages of PassivDom:

1.Short supply time.

The module starts paying for itself the next day after purchase
We assemble PassivDom at the factory and supply it ready to the land plot. Delivery term is 1 day. The absence of a building period lets to start a fast return on investment. Today you buy a module – tomorrow you meet new clients.

2. Autonomy – the freedom to place the module without reference to electricity networks, water- and gas pipelines.

Due to its autonomy PassivDom modules can be placed away from the civilization, among the picturesque nature and, while also ensures comfortable conditions for living.

Hotel 5 stars


Hotel 5 billion stars

5 миллиардов звезд

If there is no necessity in a full autonomy (if there is an electricity line, a water pipeline etc. on a land plot), it is possible to substantially reduce budget and purchase a non-autonomous module which will keep the same record characteristics of energy-efficiency, heating, strength and comfort.

3. The absence of foundation. Mobility.

PassivDom doesn’t need foundation and easily transported on an autoplatform (loading without crane is possible). The module can be transported from place to place unlimited number of times.

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4. The house can be placed on a land plot of any purpose.

There is no need in constructible surface. PassivDom is technically “the house on wheels”, makeshift building without foundation. The land under the house can be of any purpose. You can rent the land and after expiry date of the contract with the owner, you can transport the module to another place.

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5. Liquidity in the secondary market.

PassivDom has high strength, durability of interior and exterior fishing. It makes modules liquid in the secondary market.
We DO NOT USE corrosive, rotting, losing their qualities materials (corrosive metal, wood, polystyrene, mineral wool, SIP-panels etc.). That is why service life of modules, due to the absence of corrosive materials, is not less than 40 years. The warranty for thermal characteristics of materials is 40 years.

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6. High quality materials.

In production we use only high-quality and expensive European materials. Our product will surprise any demanding European buyer with its quality. The warranty for EVERYTHING (constructive elements, walls, roof, platform, furniture and even household appliances) is 5 years. Without exceptions.

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7. Service and Warranty from one provider.

PassivDom is supplied totally ready-made: exterior and interior finishing is complete, the house is furnished and equipped with appliances. You get a turnkey solution and a warranty from one provider that several times simplifying and making cheaper the process of maintenance and operation of the house.

The example that can be personally checked:
PassivDom is a green office

PaasivDom can be used as an separate autonomous office – the way we’ve done. Design department of PassivDom works in the autonomous module of 36 square metres.


The most progressive design office in Ukraine is located in Kiev at: Stolichnoe sh, 101 at the site next to the building where our office is. The module independently generates energy for the functioning of all systems, household appliances, computers and everything that is needed for an average office work.

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