Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We have prepared answers to frequently asked questions to save you time.

Yes, we are preparing such opportunity. Sign up for a test drive of the house by filling the form on our web-site.

Yes. Package “AUTONOMOUS” includes autonomous electricity supply (solar panels, batteries), autonomous water supply (211gal water storage, filters for using any water (from river, lake or bore), sewage system.

Thanks to low thermal loss, PassivDom needs extremely few power for heating or cooling. Solar panels placed on the roof produce enough electricity to meet all needs of all people living in the house.

PassivDom is the warmest house in the world. PassivDom 6-glass windows are the warmest mass-produced windows in the world.
Solar panels produce more power than it is needed for the house, even in winter.

Battery charge of the house will be enough for an autonomous work at night that lasts for 2 weeks (even under conditions of polar night if there will be no sun for 14 days).

Solar panels are producing energy even in bad cloudy weather which is even more than enough for all needs of comfortable living in the house. And in case of natural disaster, there is  energy storage supply in batteries for 2 weeks.

Passive house (ger. Passivhaus) – a construction which does not need the additional source of energy from the outside for heating or cooling and has low power consumption.
Amount of energy that is used for heating of one square meter of living space does not exceed 10W per year.
The architectural concept of the house is based on such principles as compactness, effective quality insulation, absence of cold joints in materials and connection units, correct geometry of a building, zoning, compass orientation.  As a result passive houses are sustainable, comfortable and affordable.

PassivDom can produce sufficient energy for heating and work of all engineering systems, household appliances. That is why there is no need to burn fuel, and so there are no harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Zero level of carbon emissions makes the house absolutely ecological.
All materials are compliant with European regulations – we use only certified materials. All components are nature safe and easy to recycle.

The frame of the house is made of carbon, the material that is 6 times stronger than steel. All modules production are used only non-corrosive materials. We do not use wood, steel, mineral wool, polystyrene, SIP-panels. Due to the absence of corrosive materials the modules’ life cycle is more than 40 years.

PassivDom is break-in-resistant even in minimum configuration. The 3d security level (WK3) DIN V ENV 1627-1630. Windows are tempered and the package of options “Not in my backyard” includes insurances of any illegal actions of third parties.

The warranty for preservation of thermal characteristics materials is 40 years. The warranty for furniture and household appliances is 5 years. Without exceptions.

PassivDom has all the necessary features required for certification of residential buildings Passivhaus Institut ( Darmstad, Germany).

There are no non-combustible houses. But in comparison with wooden or SIP-panels houses, or houses insulated with foam – PassivDom is not combustible.

Yes, PassivDom was developed and designed in Ukraine.

Yes, we manufacture PassivDom at our production facilities in Nevada. You buy completely ready solution – like goods in store. It takes one day for house delivery to the necessary location.

Assembling is performed at the factory. The duration of production is about a month. But the buyer gets a ready house from warehouse. Waiting for a production time is needed only in a case of an individual unique order. Cycle “purchase in the morning – cooking your first meal  in the evening ” takes less than a day.

PassivDom has a module configuration, it means that it is possible to assemble big houses from separate modules (380 sq.m) as LEGO blocks. You can put up house together of  necessary space for you and your family.
If you are interested in a house of different size or an individual project, contact us for getting all necessary information.

PassivDom can be installed on  land of any purpose even on not “constructible surface”. You can settle down among picturesque forests, in the mountains or on the seaside – where construction is prohibited. You can lease land and then move to any other picturesque place (PassivDom is mobile).

We use 3D-printing for manufacturing of  house frame. We built basis of a future house: walls, roof, fundamental platform.
Windows, finishing materials, engineering management elements, furniture, other options are added to this frame.

Yes, you can purchase PassivDom with “All inclusive” configuration. Such house will not be autonomous, connection to power line, water and sewage systems will be needed. A module with configuration “All inclusive” is fully packaged: furniture, household appliances, kitchen, bathroom, heating/cooling systems, ventilation system with oxygen control, smartphone management of all engineering systems, cloud video surveillance, alarm system.

Yes, such configuration is called “Module plus”: without furniture, household appliances, bathroom, and kitchen. Just an empty house with all finishing surfaces, in-wall wiring, heating and ventilation,but  without engineering systems. It can be used as an additional unit to a main one to extend the living space.

All the prices and configurations are on main page of our website.

No, PassivDom builds houses of several configurations according to our projects which were developed and precisely calculated by our engineers.