PassivDom — the first totally autonomous house in the world.
Even in Arctic climate conditions.

PassivDom — off-grid 3D-printed gadget house.

Why PassivDom?


Smartphone controlled

All house systems management is in your phone. Simple and easy.



There is no need for electricity or gas, the house is heated and provided with solar energy.


Totally autonomous

PassivDom allows living in the mountains, in the forest, on the seashore in conditions as comfortable as a 5* hotel.



House on wheels mobility. Now you can travel all around the world and feel yourself at home.


Moving in within a day

A purchase of PassivDom building is as easy as purchasing of a car. You make your choice in the morning – you move that evening.



Maximum comfort conditions: the self-learning system controls temperature and humidity — the oxygen and carbon dioxide content.



The house won’t rust, rot or become colder. The materials warranty insures the thermal characteristics will be maintainded for 40 years.


Like a hotel room

PassivDom is supplied completely ready for living: furniture, household appliances, pillows and even wine glasses.

Absolute autonomy – freedom from electricity transmission lines, gas pipelines and plumbing

Wherever you are – in the centre of New York or high up in the Andes Mountains, PassivDom will create the ideal living conditions.
The house is 100% energy self-sufficient, it heats and conditions air and has a water storage system.


Energy independence of PassivDom

PassivDom is 100% energy-independent and provides itself with the solar energy in any climate.
Now you can forget about utility bills and also enjoy the ecologically clean way of life.

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The warmest house in the world

Due to the use of advanced materials and insulation technology, PassivDom remains warm in winter and cool in summer.
This results absurdly low housing maintenance costs.


Did you always want to have a private house but put off the purchase?

PassivDom is a real opportunity to move into a secluded cottage in nature within a day.

  • Delivery period is 1day!
  • This house can legally be installed on any piece of land without a need for developing an construction site.
  • PassivDom does not require connection to the electric grid or gas pipeline.
  • You get a house completely ready for living. It is like a hotel room; completely finished inside and out. Heating, ventilation, solar electricity and household appliances are all included. All system are fine-tuned and ready to go.

What is PassivDom?

  • The modular construction allows for several modules to be combined to create a larger building — like Legos.
  • Solar provides all electricity for lights, heating and cooling, and appliances.
  • The house won’t rot or rust.
  • PassivDom is easily managed: all systems can be controlled with the use of your phone.
  •  3D-printed house.
  • Independent of electricity, gas and water supplies.
  • A mobile house can be carried to any corner of a planet.
  • House includes burglary protection system.
  • PassivDom is supplied completely ready for living with furniture and household appliances.

PassivDom is a really warm house


Due to the use of advanced materials and unique developments by our engineers, PassivDom has the highest thermal performance among residential buildings. Walls of PassivDom are as warm as brick, being 7,33m thick.

We took on a difficult task — to create windows as warm as walls. And our team managed to do that — PassivDom windows are the warmest in the world. That is why there are really big windows in the houses that let in a lot of light inside.

According to recorded data, PassivDom exceeds the requirements of energy efficiency for PassivHaus Institute and LEED. All thermal indicators exceed the requirements of the industry: so it is cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

My PassivDom is my castle

Even a minimum configuration of PassivDom has burglary protection system. Tempered glass, aluminum windows and doors, a strong carbon and fiberglass frame that is 6 times stronger than steel, make it an impregnable against burglars.

For your protection, every PassivDom has a built-in GSM-alarm system that system that keeps an eye on your home by video on your smartphone.


A very smart house


A package of options: “A very very smart house” makes your house a member of a family with artificial intelligence. All home devices are networked to the Internet Of Things – the member of a family with artificial intelligence.All home devices are easily operated through the owner’s smartphone.

A self-learning micro-climate system creates favorable conditions inside the house: maintains the ideal temperature and humidity, monitors the oxygen and carbon dioxide content.

Mobility — travel without problems

PassivDom is mobile and can be transported to any place within a few hours. House frame is 9 times stronger than steel wich allows for transporting multiple times.

Auto platform can transport PassivDom to any place within hours. The house doesn’t need a foundation, so it can be easily located on the shore of the picturesque lake, in a grove or in the mountains.

PassivDom can legally be established on any type of land and significantly less expensive than the purchasing of a building plot. The house mobility allows you lease rather than buy a plot.


Reliability and durability


PassivDom is made from modern materials: fiberglass, carbon, polyurethane. The walls of the house can’t rust like iron or rot like wood. The house is not combustible and doesn’t give off emissions.

PassivDom doesn’t contain SIP-panels, foam or wood. Mice will not eat it, PassivDom is only for people.
PassivDom will not become colder with time — there are no materials that lose properties of thermal conductivity. The materials warranty for the preservation of thermal characteristics is 40 years.

The minimum lifetime of PassivDom is 20 years. We provide a 5 year warranty for all components of the house: walls, furniture, household appliances. Without exception.

Without land and documents hassle

PassivDom can be installed on any type of land, as long as nobody owns it, without a need to develop a construction site.

Put the house in a quiet peaceful corner away from the city bustle: on the river bank or on a seashore, in the mountain or in the ravine, in a forest or in the field. Just choose a land plot and PassivDom will take care of the rest (autonomy, energy independence, security).


Delivery period is 1 day


PassivDom is the house you can choose, build and move into in just one day. It is waiting for you in a warehouse: you buy it in the morning and you are sleeping in it by night.

Forget about long-term construction and overbudget costs. Due to its speed and convenience, the purchase of PassivDom is like the purchase of a car in a showroom: “What You See Is What You Get”.

Completely ready house is like a hotel room

Purchased PassivDom you get a house totally ready for living.

Premium class finish is completely ready inside and outside the house. Heating, ventilation, plumbing and household appliances are connected and adjusted. The house is decorated with high quality minimalistic furniture.

For the atmosphere of home coziness we took into account every last detail — cushions and wine glasses are ready for celebrating a housewarming party.


Eco-friendly PassivDom


The house uses only clean solar power and doesn’t need the combustion of gas, coal or any other fuel.

Zero-emission pathway preserves nature and makes PassivDom environmentally friendly.

Why is PassivDom an advantage for you?

  • PassivDom provides a truly environmentally friendly home that suits your lifestyle.
  • A very warm house, it can be used even in Arctic climate conditions without using any fuel.
  • The independence from prices and availability of energy resources, world crises.
  • A warranty for maintaining of thermal characteristics of the house is 40 years. A warranty for furniture and household appliances is 5 years.
  • The autonomous electricity generation meets 100% of house needs.
  • PassivDom is light and strong, and can be transported for long distances on an autoplatform.
  • An availability of ready model products – each client can live for several days in an exhibition house.
  • Due to the self-regulating ventilation the comfort and healthy microclimate of PassivDom is much higher than ordinary houses have.

Any questions? Ask our manager!