The new module in our product line has the same transport dimensions as the original (modulOne): 36 square meters. It offers the same high level of portability, energy efficiency, and autonomy.
The main distinction of modulTwo is that the new design has been intended and developed for modular assembly in pairs, one building consisting of two or four modules. A home comprised of two modulTwo modules has the area of 72 sq. m.; a home of four modules, 144 sq. m.

Homes can be assembled out of fully equipped autonomous modules as well as barebone ones.

Assembly options include subsequent separate use of modules, multiple reassembly, and moving to another location.

modulTwo x2

72 м²

modul dva 70 (1)
modul dva 70m (3)

A home of two modulTwo modules with the total area of 72 sq. m. can be purchased in one of two configurations:

Autonomous and “module plus”

modulTwo in the autonomous configuration (engineering module) and barebone “module plus” modulTwo.

The first module provides autonomous power via solar panels completely covering the entire roof, features batteries for storing electric power and thermal energy, independent water supply, autonomous sewer system, kitchen, toilet, and shower. Furniture, appliances, and all engineering systems are built-in. All systems can be controlled remotely from the owner’s smartphone.

The second module without furniture and appliances is added to increase the total area.

Standard and “module plus”

modulTwo standard and barebone “module plus” modulTwo.

Furniture, appliances, kitchen, bathroom, heating/cooling, air ventilation with oxygen level control are built in. All engineering systems are controlled via smartphone. Cloud-based video surveillance and alarm system are also included.

NON-autonomous (requires an external power line, water supply, and sewerage).

DOES NOT INCLUDE solar panels, batteries, or greywater filtration and reuse system.

A home consisting of a single modulTwo with the total area of 36 sq. m. can be purchased in one of the following configurations:

If you plan to eventually expand the area of your home, you might want to consider purchasing the 36 sq. m. modulTwo. After a while you can add a second module to the first one, doubling the area of your home.

modul.dva (3)


36 sq. m.

The module comes equipped with furniture, all necessary appliances, built-in kitchen, bathroom (toilet, sink, shower), heating and cooling systems, and a smart air ventilation system with oxygen level control. You can manage all systems of your home using your smartphone. Cloud-based video surveillance and alarm system ensure the security of your home.

The home is fully autonomous and includes a self-sufficient power system (solar panels, batteries, inverters), independent water supply (water storage, powerful purification system, and independent sewage).


36 sq. m.

This module comes complete with everything required for a housewarming party on the day of purchase: furniture, appliances, kitchen and cooking utensils, bathroom, shower. The heating and cooling systems as well as the air ventilation with oxygen level control are fully set up and ready to work. All engineering systems can be controlled via the owner’s smartphone. Cloud-based video surveillance and alarm system are included.

Requires connection to power line, water supply, and sewerage.

Module plus

36 sq. m.

A barebone home with complete interior, functioning electrical wiring built in the walls, heating and ventilation. No engineering systems. Furniture, appliances, bathroom and kitchen are not included. Can be used as an additional unit to add to the main module and increase the total area.

Requires connection to power line, water supply, and sewerage (NOT autonomous).

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Test Drive

In the near future we are going to make several modules available for a test drive:

if you are interested in buying a PassivDom, you will be able to stay in it for a couple of days and evaluate its features.