Company Team

PassivDom Team includes both business and technical experts from different fields: sales, business development, marketing, physics, engineering, industrial design, electronics, 3D-printing, energy efficiency in construction, IoT systems and home automation. The team has a passion to implement high technology in everyday devices to make people’s life easier, more comfortable and more environmentally friendly.


Key personalities include:

Maksym Gerbut – (M)
CEO & Founder of PassivDom.

Role in project: Project Manager


Works in the field of energy efficiency and ECO technologies; inventor and entrepreneur in the field of innovation (smart-homes, IoT, AI, 3D-printing). After graduation from the university (where he studied physics), Maksym began to apply his knowledge to business products. Thus Maksym became the managing director of one of the largest Ukrainian window-producing companies, where he worked for 15 years. With regard to the business indicators, Maksym managed to triple the company revenue.

At the same time, Maksym provided designing and consultations on energy saving in residential housing and supervised the building construction.

“Construction is a very conservative industry. But in order to achieve outstanding results, you need to use over-innovative technology, for example the 3D-technology or the vacuum as insulation,” says Maksym. Thus, to implementing his newest idea of smart home, Maksym gathered a team of innovators – the PassivDom Team.


Master degree in Priazovsky State Technical University, Donetsk National University Ph.D. in Solid State Physics.

Alexandr Kirillov–(M) 

Function: CTO 

Role in project: Chief Product Designer


Alexandr has over 10 years extensive experience in the industry. He started working as engineer-constructor. Then as a design engineer in Ukrainian Oil and Gas Institute. Before joining the PassivDom team Alexandr worked as an engineer. Alexandr specializes in engineering prefabricated structures and spatial models. He is developing house design and making visualizations of three-dimensional models.


Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas

Master’s degree in mechanical engineering

Andrii Stetsovskyi – (M)

Function: Sales manager

Role in project: Vice President of Business Development


Andrii has 6 years of experience as technical manager, around 10 years on managing positions in sales, organizing trade exhibitions and conferences at ITE Group Pls. Key competences include business development, strategic planning, launching new projects, government relationships.


National Technical University of Ukraine ‘Kyiv Polytechnic Institute’

Bachelor degree in Engineering (B.Eng.) Field Of Study Maschinery

Julia Gerbut (F)

Function: marketing strategy

Role in project: Chief Marketing Officer


Juia has over 10 years of experience as a sales and marketing manager. Key competences include sales, market strategic planning, launching new projects, organizing staff trainings marketing and sales.

Education: National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, field of study – marketing.

Sergiy Trofimov–(M)

Function: Production manager

Role in project: Production Manager


Sergiy started his career as a self-employed carpenter and a designer of staircases, furniture, windows and doors. Then he joined the team of Ukrainian leading manufacturer of furniture and complex interior solution ENRAN. In the PassivDom Sergey work in the position of manufacturing director.

Key competences of Sergey are assembling, production management, commissioning of equipment and quality control. He is a high qualification carpenter and an expert on complex spatial structures.


Smela Industrial-economic College as part of Cherkasy State Technological University, specialization – woodworking

Khrystyna Bondar –(F)

Function: tasks management 

Role in project: Personal  assistant to CEO


Khrystyna started her career as an assistant to accountant at Group of companies «SOVA», she was working with initial documents and 1C database. Then she co-founded an On-line shop of creative tights and pantyhose “Pantyhouse”. Khrystyna also co-founded Collective shopping platform Shario and Jointle – marketplace for pre-orders of beauty products.

Two years after she was hired to VNA Trade Company as a Product Manager. The main responsibilities were: an analysis of the market and competitors, the development of requirements for new products, creation of marketing strategies.

Key competences of Khrystyna are marketing, pr, project management and tasks management negotiation and communication skills.

Education: National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Master’s degree in Customers Behavior.

Anton  Getman–(M)

Function: smart home developer 

Role in project: smart home developer


Anton headed development department of embedded systems. He was a leading engineer for the integration of audio-video systems and smart houses. More than 5 years he was the head of a company for the integration of Hi-Fi equipment, smart home systems, access control, video surveillance, etc.

Anton has an extensive experience with automation systems: EIB / KNX, Z-Wave, Crestron, Lutron, Honeywell Centraline, Modbus, HDL-bus, URC Total Control. As well as various SCADA systems: Autocad, Autodesk Inventor, Altium Designer, and Linux on embedded systems (configuration, installation, porting, writing scripts and programs). Full-stack development of equipment based on microcontrollers (AVR, STM32).

Skills: programming languages C, C ++, Python, technologies for transmission, processing and commutation of audio-video signals based on equipment from different manufacturers (Kramer, Extron, Crestron, BiAmp, etc.)


Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics , Bachelor’s degree in  Information Technology Designing and Master’s degree in Consulting Systems

Eroshenko Oksana–(F)

Function: finance strategy 

Role in project: Chief Financial Officer


Oksana experienced in Finance Management and have been CFO at engeneering companies like “Energy systems and communications”, Smart Holding Group, Smart Building and Plan B Laboratory. She developed financial department at National Ukrainian Companies. She also knows perfect tax policy, accountant strategy and budgeting.

Key Oksana’s skills are working capital management; cost management; management accounting, reports, analysis, business plans, finance strategy and planning.

Education: Zaporizhia National Technical University, Bachelor’s degree in Management.

Andrii Volkov–(M)

Function: web-site development 

Role in project: software engineer


Andrii is passionate with web design, marketing and racing. His degree in business administration helps him follow his passion at web design where he applies marketing background. He has 7 years of experience in web-design, 8 years in retail business. This combination of both design and business needs helps to create the right presentation for the right purpose with the right call to action.

Education: European University. Bachelor of Business Administration

Yevhenii Doiarchuk –(M)

Function: engineer

Role in project: engineer


Yevhenii started his career as a self-employed wood painter and a furniture designer. Then he joined the team of the PassivDom and worked in the position of window, door and wall panels’ installer. Then he worked as furniture assembler and a varnisher.

Key competences of Yevhenii are furniture assembling, window, door and wall panels’ engineering and installing.


Kyiv Higher professional college, specialization – locksmith of building machines and compressors.

Andrii Shatylo–(M) 

Function: Junior Designer 

Role in project: Junior Engeneer -constructor


Andrii started his career as engineer-constructor in Antonov State Company (formerly the Antonov Aeronautical Scientific-Technical Complex). Then joined the PassivDom team. He specializes in development and introduction of technological process of manufacture assembly units.

Andrii is good at improvement of existing technological processes for increasing productivity, development of 3D models and 2D drawings of parts, assembly units in CAD systems, maintenance of the details throughout the manufacturing process and development of documentation for manufacturing of technological equipment.


The National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”. Master’s degree in Machine engineering technology

Tetiana Batmanova –(F)

Function: Accountant 

Role in project: Accountant


Tetiana started her career as a junior accountant at Publishing company “Svit”. Then she joined the team of Forward Media Group Publisher and worked in the position of Accountant. Also she was working at Tsentr Sotsyntekh LLC as a Chief Financial Officer.

Key competences of Tetiana are accounting, tax accounting, management accounting.


Kyiv National Economic University, Master’s degree at Accounting