Energy efficiency

outstanding perfomance has 20x better energy consumption compared to a regular house as it uses a patented windows systems and vacuum insulation.

Wall insulation in is 6x higher than US Dep. of Energy recommendations for northern states and Canada. Our windows save 14x more energy than a regular double pane window.

The house’s energy efficiency is so effective that can be heated and cooled with solar power only, even in foggy and overcast climates.


unlimited energy is absolutely self-sustainable and off-the-grid. This home doesn’t need to be connected to electricity, water, or sewage. No propane tanks, no firewood.

Only clean energy and sustainability as a core focus. Off-grid solar power, water generation from air humidity, and automous sewage – can make your life more comfortable everywhere without limits and without bills, saving you up to $3600 in annual energy costs!

Smart space design

simple and perfect

This autonomous house is designed for comfort. It is pre-equipped with everything you need – furniture, fully-stocked kitchen, Sonos speaker system, Nest camera and thermostat, Apple TV, 100″ projector screen, 24/7 internet connection, and even a fingerprint doorlock. has all you need, including wine glasses!

It can be a cozy guest house, a dream vacation house, or a unit for rent.

Smart house

genius house control

This is not just a house that contains a collection of smart gadgets. is a one-of-a-kind, integrated, intelligent home. The house possesses 24 intelligent subsystems that work together to ensure you are living safely and comfortably. The house can make decisions to help and protect you. It can listen. It can speak.

Your home does not just have a brain, it has a heart.

Ultimate protection

Healthcare can protect you. With integrated healthcare systems your home helps to keep you safe.

Live in a place that is healthy for your family and for planet Earth.

  • Smart air quality, oxygen, and carbon gas level control systems
  • Reverse osmosis water quality control system with artificial mineralization
  • HEPA antibacterial and antivirus protection

Can be delivered next day from stock

no construction permits is a prefab house. It is assembled and equipped in the factory and delivered ready-to-go. No construction work needed onsite.

This off-the-grid house does not need to be connected or plugged in.

True off-the-grid life

dream location is a true mobile house. It can be placed or relocated easily and fast.

This off-the-grid house doesn’t need a foundation, just a flat ground surface. 


Water tanks, solar energy battery storage, and autonomous sewage all come with the house. So, it is possible to live in any location you have ever dreamed.

If you already have an island

just relax is a 100% ready-to-use solution.

A dream house in a dream location.

Zombie proof

lifetime warranty

Forget about renovation. is always new.

This house is built with robust materials. It will not break down from bugs and will not rust. We use space-station technologies and robust materials to build

Carbon fiber, durable polymers, and 6-pane of guarded glass comprise the exterior surface while comfortable natural wood is used for the interior.

We provide warranty and regular service for all items and systems in the house.

We refund your money in the case your house is destroyed by aliens or zombies.