Living room studio, kitchen, one bathroom

2 people accommodation


H x W x L: 12.5 ft x 13.08 ft x 31.6 ft
3.81m x 3.98 m x 9.63 m

weight up to 19,800 lbs / 9,000 kg

Usable Capacity

Output capacity of 7kW and a storage capacity of 10kWh LiFePo4 battery

freshwater tanks up to 375gal / 1420L
greywater tank 50gal / 190L
blackwater tank 50gal / 190L


Living room, one bedroom, kitchen, one bathroom

single family house, up to 4 people


H x W x L: 12.5 ft x 26.16 ft x 31.6 ft
3.81m x 7.96 m x 9.63 m

weight up to 35,270 lbs / 16,000 kg

Usable Capacity

Output capacity of 7kW and a storage capacity of 16kWh LiFePo4 battery

freshwater tanks up to 375gal / 1420L
greywater tank up to 100gal / 380L
blackwater tank 100gal / 380L


kitchen: microwave oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, coffee machine

bathroom: toilet, shower, combo washer/dryer, sink.

room: sofa-bed or queen bed, table, chairs, kitchen cabinets, closet.

Engineering systems

Climate control: heat pump, air conditioner, smart thermostat, air recuperation ventilation, heat storage, heat recovery shower system.

Air quality system: HEPA filtration, antibacterial system, CO2 & humidity sensors and control, recuperation.

Energy: off-the-grid hybrid solar system with LiFePo4 battery storage. optional can be connected to regular electric grids.

Water: AS OPTION can be equipped with off-the-grid air-to-water system ( water condensation from air humidity).

Sewage: integrated greywater tank and greywater filter, integrated blackwater tank for the toilet, external big capacity tank or septic system AS OPTION

Floor Plans

Floor Plans

Autonomous configuration option list




custom size units
custom furniture and equipment is available

3D fiberglass composite house frame
exterior surface custom decorated by robotics
solar powered off-the-grid heating system up to -10 F
solar powered off-the-grid cooling system up to +130 F
off-the-grid self-sustainability, solar power only
yacht gloss fiberglass exterior surface

contact us

contact us

smart home

24/7 internet connection
cloud-based energy management and monitoring system
cloud self-diagnostic home system
homeOS – integrated home operating system
remote home control interface App for iPad, iPhone and web
remote video, security and temperature control app


high efficiency roof-integrated solar PV system
LiFePo4 battery storage up to 16 kWh 10 years warranty
LiFePo4 battery storage up to 100 kWh 12 years warranty
Water Heat recovery system
Air Heat recovery system
EV charge system
Energy Consumption AI power management system, homeOS
annual energy bill
annual gas, oil, or wood consumption




fully equipped bathroom
comfortable full-size shower, up to 80% water recirculation
comfortable full-size flushing toilet
full-size Incinerating waterless toilet
fully equipped kitchen cabinets
MIELE kitchen home appliances
MIELE microwave Owen
MIELE dishwasher
MIELE refrigerator BOSCH
MIELE washer/dryer
MIELE hi-end integrated espresso coffee machine
fully decorated and furnished living space
MIELE storage cabinets
MIELE bedroom furniture
MIELE dining table chairs

light control system

Intelligent light control system
smart glass windows. Auto window shading system
light temperature scenes
100% LED lights
smart exterior lights, motion sensor.
voice controlled lights


all-weather fingerprint door locks
face recognition access control
face recognition door lock
fire rated double door, safe escape from inside system.
fire and wind rated 10 inch 6 pane tempered windows
remote external security video monitoring with motion detection
hurricane safety: ground anchors for basement bolts AS OPTION
hurricane safe solar PV system
earthquake safe house frame
cloud video monitoring alarm system


extra efficient Heat Pump
extra efficient Air Conditioning
AI intelligent cloud microclimate control system, homeOS integrated
infrared sensor monitoring system
air quality control system, Carbon dioxide and smoke protection
smart high efficient air recuperation system
air purification system, 99.9% protection from viruses and bacteria
dust and smell removal filter
NEST learning smart thermostat
remote microclimate control with smartphone app

engineering systems

water purification system. 99.9% protection from viruses and bacteria
intelligent water consumption monitoring and control system, homeOS
generating water from air humidity system
self-diagnostic filter changing system
free 3 year filter service for Beta users
integrated fresh water tank storage 375 gallons
integrated grey water filter tank, grey water recirculation
integrated black water tank storage. Need to be emptied time-by-time
external septic or external tank option for sewage
ability to connect to electrical grid
ability to connect to external water source
ability to connect to external sewage system
access to service sewage and tank systems from outside house
homeOS ready, free software and systems upgrade for Beta users
one year free service plan for Beta users
monthly and yearly paid service plans


100” full HD projector screen
voice controlled 100” 4K Ultra HD projector screen
apple TV
one year free apple music account for Beta users
voice controlled multimedia system
hi-end surround sound system
free upgrade to hi-end surround system for Beta users


wall R value 80
window R value 35
rust free waterproof house basement platform


3D house frame thermal characteristics
windows warranty
LiFePo4 Battery storage warranty
home appliances, electronic systems

10 years
2 years

10 years
2 years

Key features:


Absolutely off-the-grid

House can be heated and cooled itself
No electricity or gas needed


Solar energy only

You can live anywhere in any climate
Energy storage will power all systems


No foundation needed

House can be placed on any surface
Can be easly moved or relocated.

How can I use it?


Backyard house

Use your backyard free space to your guests.
Fast and Easy. One day delivery.


Vacation home

Seaside, ocean view, forest cabin, mountains!
your inexpensive second home anywhere.


Unit for rent

Any land spot could be used for getting revenue.
Mobile house? No. Mobile hotel.

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